Welcome to the Temple of the White Rat, the fan wiki about Ursula Vernon/T. Kingfisher, her novels, and the fantasy world in which many of them are set.

The White Rat, fan art by @paradoxhorizon

Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon's works under her own name include art and writing for children. Her best-known children's works are the Hamster Princess series and the Dragonbreath series. The Hugo Award–winning graphic novel Digger and the Black Dogs series are written for a somewhat older audience.

T. Kingfisher

Books intended for older audiences, published under the name T. Kingfisher, include multiple series set in the World of the White Rat, as well as more than a dozen standalone books, including Nettle & Bone, winner of the 2023 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

World of the White Rat

The World of the White Rat is a fantasy setting the author describes as "faux early Renaissance,"[1], with multiple city-states where several gods are worshipped, including the White Rat. The Temple of the White Rat is an eminently practical order, whose priests are lawyers, healers, and diplomats, working together to fix whatever problems in society they can address. Books set in the World of the White Rat include the Clocktaur War duology, Swordheart (eventually to become a trilogy), and the Saint of Steel series.