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DiggerOm-softcover-front 5.png
Date 2013
Publisher Sofawolf Press
Genre Fantasy
Rating PG-13


Digger is the story of a shrewd, sensible wombat engineer named Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, who finds herself stranded in a fantasy world that is far from sensible. Thrust into the middle of a puzzling and often perilous situation involving gods, demons, destiny and redemption, she finds her way based on a pragmatic honesty and the sincere belief in the doing the right thing. Her only wish is to return home, but along the way she makes enemies into friends, friends into heroes, the weak into warriors, and monsters into... better monsters.

Digger is a serious fantasy tale that manages to be both meaningful and light-hearted. It explores complex themes of honor, responsibility, and the gray areas between right and wrong, but it does so with a frequent application of humor, wit and absurdity that keeps the story lively. It is an adventure story that can be fully enjoyed by young adult readers, but it also has levels of complexity in its humor and themes that befocem deeper and more meaningful with age and experience.

(Taken from the Omnibus edition)


  • Web Cartoonists' Choice Award for "Outstanding Black and White Art", 2005 and 2006, and "Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic" in 2006.
  • Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2012
  • Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature in 2013